Qatar-wide coverage and amazing network quality have always been the pride of Ooredoo, which is why we launched the most significant network evolution in Qatar’s history, the Supernet. We’re investing in connections for Qatar, and now, thanks to our latest upgrade, you can get super speeds of up to 325 Mbps! Speed We were the first to introduce the blazing fast 4G+. And we'll keep the ball rolling! Coverage From the serenity of the desert to the bustling malls of Doha. You can rely on Ooredoo. Quality The only network with crystal-clear HD voice. And other nice things. Our Achievements VoLTE is live! We’re excited to announce the soft launch of our Voice over LTE (VoLTE) network! With VoLTE, you can make crystal clear HD voice calls over our 4G data network, with faster call setup and the ability to switch between ongoing 4G voice calls and high-quality 4G video calls. You’ll also be able to browse the Internet on the 4G network while still on a call. We’re working with leading manufacturers to certify the latest VoLTE-enabled devices, so stay tuned! Supernet Covers Islands Around Qatar This time we have brought our coverage to the brand new Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara, one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Qatar. It’s yet another addition to our coverage map, which spans many islands in Qatar. Supernet comes in handy whether you working offshore, relaxing on your fishing boat or having a great afternoon on a traditional Qatari dhow! Hola, ship, and have a safe journey! Supernet Delivers Faster Speeds than Ever The Ooredoo Supernet has been designed to evolve, so that we can keep offering you enhancements on 4G, 4G+ and Fibre services, and ultimately take the leap to the next network level. We’re obsessed with speed and coverage, most recently achieving a peak data rate of 590 Mbps – the first time this speed has been reached in tests in Qatar and the whole GCC region – in a controlled speed test. And there’s more to come! Ooredoo Brings Free Wi-Fi to the Sky Ooredoo partners with Qatar Airways to provide unmatched connectivity in the air. Thanks to Ooredoo, all passengers can enjoy the first fifteen minutes of Wi-Fi for free, enabling them to contact loved ones on the ground. After the free period, customers will be able to continue using the Wi-Fi service by entering their credit card details when prompted. The service will be gradually deployed across Qatar Airways’ fleet of state-of-the art aircraft. Supernet Deploys the Small Cells We’re deploying the latest innovations across the Ooredoo Supernet to provide our customers with a better experience and to support Qatar’s goal of building a knowledge-based economy. Our great example is our Small Cell technology, which is designed to blend in with the architecture. We are now deploying Small Cells across Souq Waqif and other Doha hotspots as one of the many improvements of the Ooredoo Supernet. Supernet Further Improves Coverage in the Pearl The Pearl is one of Qatar’s premium resident and shopping locations – so it makes sense it also gets a world-class coverage. Ooredoo’s network team has been working hard to cover all towers, villas and public spaces with the latest 4G technology. The recent upgrades enable for even greater download speeds and crispier voice quality. To keep the unique beauty of the location, we are using BTS stations resembling real palm trees.

Doha , Qatar
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